Anatomia Praktike

¨ A practical course in the study of human anatomy for Physical Therapists

¨ An opportunity to take all of the “memorized”  knowledge of bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves, to put it all together, and make sense of it as a functional system


Një kurs praktik për të studiuar anatominë fizike të njeriut për Fizioterapistë.

12 seanca për të parë praktikisht sistemin e kockave, muskujve, ligamenteve dhe nervave.

Fillon në 5 Shtator, për t’u regjistruar telefononi 0694096078. Vendet janë të limituara.


¨ Course begins Saturday, September 5th, from 2-5pm at ABC Health Center and will meet each week until November 28th.

¨ Course fee is 12,000 new lek.

¨ Course will be limited to the first 15 paid students.


Registration begins on Monday, July 13 at ABC Health Center.

This course will provide the opportunity to practice and learn human anatomy. There will be class discussion and interaction. You will be challenged to think and apply what you learn. 



Anatomia Praktike will be taught by Kathy Scott, PT, DPT

Kathy is an American trained PT, living and teaching in Tirana, Albania since 2012.  She has a clinical doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and has been practicing since 1985



For more information: email Kathy at 

or contact ABC Heatlh Center at  0694096078