The focus of physical therapy treatments is to determine what imbalance or injury is causing the pain, limiting function, or leading to structural deformity. We use many manual therapy skills including “Mulligan Mobilization with Movement”, “McKenzie Cervical and Lumbar Spine”, “Strain-Counterstrain”, as well as stretching and strengthening home programs. Based on researches, providing each patient with accurate information regarding their problem, and then giving them the tools to treat the problem on their own at home is the most effective and beneficial physical therapy care. We don’t use electrical equipment in her clinic.

Another focus of Physical Therapy at ABC health is: Community service, home visits and educational training for students and licenses physical therapists.

Actually as community service we are collaborating with “Catholic Orphanage” in Elbasan. We treat babies and train the workers how to apply activities that helps the babies reach normal milestones.

Practice anatomy is one of the courses that took place two years ago. This course provided the opportunity to practice and learn human anatomy. The students where challenged to think and apply what they learned.

Study Group it’s another course that is taking place. Physical therapy students and therapists are part of this course. In this course they learn new evaluation skills, treatment skills and problem solve with a “demonstration patient”.

Through our services we want to grow the impact not only at patients but in medical education for physical therapy.

We believe that the change takes place when we understand more and have the tools to take care of the problem.

 Our Staff

Katherine Scott, PT DPT

Physical therapist at ANC Health Foundation


Kathy has a PHD in Physical Therapy

from Hardin-Simmons University, Texas

PHD in Physical Therapy

Entuela Skënderaj, PT

Physical Therapist  in ABC Health Foundation

MSC. in Physical Therapy
at the Medical Sciences Faculty
Tiranë, Shqipëri


Physical Therapist