Starting February 1st, ABC Health will offer the possibility of a Free Health Fair to Albanian Corporations as a way to increase awareness about work-related health issues

The screening will include measuring: blood pressure, pulse, height/weight to determine BMI, and blood glucose for all the employees that participate. After this initial screening a family doctor will talk about healthy lifestyle, diet, physical activity and family medicine.

Our Family Health Center is also available to offer health education seminars for interested companies headquarters, on all matters of health protection, avoiding work related injuries and work safety.

These opportunities are offered to Albanian Organizations to care for their employees as their most precious asset, helping them improve their health and work productivity.

For employees, taking care of personal health is often a challenge amidst competing demands of the work day, family responsibility, and other social obligations. Improved health can reduce out-of-pocket expenses for physician office visits, medications, procedures or hospitalizations related to acute or chronic illness.

Employers with healthier employees will spend less on direct medical costs, worker compensation and disability costs, replacement costs for ill or injured workers who are absent, and costs for recruiting and training new workers. Furthermore, healthier employees are more productive and innovative in their work.

The ABC Family Health Center offers the best primary health care in Albania since 1994. Our multi-national senior physicians, physiotherapists, and nurses are commited to treat patients according to the best western practices, treating patients with respect, dignity and confidentiality.

Companies interested to organize one of these events are encouraged to submit a written request to the ABC Family Health Center one month before the seminar. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.